• Routine Rainbow

    2017 sees the completion of the Internal Force Fitness Routine Rainbow. 7 different exercise routines, based on exercise routines from all over history and the world. They can ALL be done standing up, they can be mixed and matched, and they are all FUN! I will continue to make updates and amends, but the basics are all there.

  • Bodyweight exercise routines, like all exercise routines, can be difficult to learn. Everyday Exercise Routines use simple descriptive terms, and provides step-by-step (literally) instructions to help you build up to a full-body exercise routine you can complete on YOUR terms, and in YOUR time.  When you're ready - simply move on to the next routine, and when you've done them all, mix and match! Photo: Zhang Jianxin

  • Everyday exercises are not a new phenomenon! Walter Camp's Daily Dozen exercises for the Army and Navy were popular nearly 100 years ago! Society has the same problems now as then - hard working people CAN'T magically make time to get fit or spend money on personal training. Walter Camp's exercises are as useful and 'magical' as they were when he created them. The 21st Century is the perfect time for a Daily Dozen 'Redux'.

  • FULL body workouts mean just that. Keeping fit and healthy requires you to exercise ALL parts of your body - not just your 'abs' or your arms. Your body is a miracle of nature, with millions of component parts working together to make you sit, stand, and move around. Everyday Exercise Routines promotes full body workouts that require NO equipment other than your WHOLE body! Photo: Zhang Jianxin

Everyday Exercise Routines

Welcome to Everyday Exercise Routines

Welcome to Everyday Exercise Routines

Everyday Exercise Routines that are not ‘X’ rated or ‘Insane’!

Doing a simple exercise routine every day that takes your body through a full range of motion, and that stretches and tones the muscles, means that all the strength, speed and agility you will ever need will be right there when you need it! No puddles of sweat, no aching and tender muscles the next day, just a general feeling of well-being! All of the exercise routines we promote are moderate intensity – which means they are suitable for ALL ages and abilities. PLUS we don’t make you buy any complicated or unnecessary equipment, all of our exercises are bodyweight only.

  • Simple
  • Practical
  • FUN!
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Benefits & Features

Things you need for one of our workouts:

  • NO Special clothing – Do it in your underwear, do it nude, do it barefoot – just do it!
  • NO Equipment – YOU are the equipment, so wherever you go, your gym goes! There is a reason bodyweight exercises are part of the ‘Hot’ fitness trends right now!
  • NO Space – If you can stretch your arms out to the side, and then bring your hands together in front, you have enough space for a basic exercise routine.

More Information

  • Improve motor skills
  • Utilize ALL of the large muscle groups
  • Improve circulatory and respiratory fitness
  • 7+ routines to choose from (*coming soon)
  • ENJOY yourself!

Give it a go

I don’t care if you LOOK different, I want you to FEEL different!

My name is Richie Neville and I am not now, nor have I ever been, a professional athlete. I have never had the external support of coaches, nutritionists, therapists and trainers. I am just a normal guy who wants to stay as fit as I can for as long as I can. Everyday Exercise Routines and its sister site Internal Force Fitness are the products of a decade’s worth of experience in home exercise workouts for beginners. I’ve lifted, I’ve pulled, I’ve pushed, I’ve twisted and I’ve stretched. I’ve purchased from sporting goods stores, online shops, infomertials and eBay yet neglected the one thing I should have focused on: a coordinated program of DAILY EXERCISE! I present these routines to you to help change how you feel within yourself, because THAT is what is important.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really work out everyday?

We’re not talking about lifting weights every day, we’re talking about exercising every day. Every day you go to work, or sit around and do variations of exactly the same thing – does that bother you? (Well, O.K. it might, but you accept that it has to be done and I bet you pay very little attention to the effect that is having on your health.) Your body is capable of SO much more, and as the old saying goes you have to use it or lose it. So yes, you can! Working out using only your own bodyweight is as natural as you can get!

Why should I exercise?

That’s a very good question – you should never be afraid to ask what’s in it for YOU! Only you know why you came to this website. Maybe you just feel generally fatigued. Maybe you have tried and failed to stick to one of the many complicated ‘total’ workouts currently on the market. The reason you should exercise is for the same reason you are still looking for ‘something’ – because your body is instinctively telling you it is unhappy. Finding the right exercise program for you personally is the biggest issue in fitness, and the one that is generally ignored!

I’ve never…I can’t…I tried once…

Some people call those excuses. I call them reasons. A lot of magazines and books have models in all kinds of crazy positions which immediately make you think “I can’t do that.”  Of course you can’t – usually they are UN-natural positions, positions that take YEARS to adapt to. Everyday Exercise Routines use routines that contain NATURAL positions. Where moves are a little tricky we TELL you the position you are likely to get to when you start out.

Do you use ‘fit’ models like all the other sites?

No. I realize that the visual is important, but I also know how off-putting ‘models’ can be. 90% of the images you see on this site will be one of my computer generated friends (the other 10% are likely to be me!):

Fitness ModelLet’s get started!